Improve focus and finish work faster

Time management becomes a major factor when it comes to our work or study life. With its unique techniques to improve focus and manage tasks, Engross can help you accomplish goals faster and save more time for yourself.

Why should I use Engross?

Engross packs in all the features that you need to improve your work and study life. Used together they will improve your efficiency and management at the same time.

Pomodoro Timer/Stopwatch

Fully customizable timer inspired from the Pomodoro Technique and a more flexible Stopwatch to cater your time management needs.

Statistics & Analysis

Track your work time and growth. Use labels to get better insights.

Planner & Calendar

Maintain a daily routine to keep your work and study life smooth and on track.

Repeating tasks & Events

No need to add your regular tasks every time.


For everything from session warnings to tasks and events.

App Block/App Whitelist

Automatically Block all the unwanted apps while a session is running.

Minimalist Design

Engross is simple and easy to use. We have tried to keep everything at just the right place without over-loading it with features and design elements.

  • Start timer right from your Todo list
  • Track progress with a simple slider
  • To do list in Calendar view
  • Add comments to timer sessions
  • Attach labels with everything

Be more productive!

With the combination of Pomodoro Timer, To-Do list and Calendar in one app, Engross makes a complete tool for an efficient and organized work/study life.

Some facts

+78,00,000 Distractions beaten
+84,000 Minutes used per day
Editors' Choice by Google(2018-19)

Engross is free!

Engross is compact in size and free to download.